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York Infant & Childcare

Our Curriculum

Our Approach

We bring together best practices in the field of early years education, coupled with an emphasis on aspects of the Gifted Education curriculum of enrichment and acceleration. Each area of our curriculum emphasizes specific skills and taps on different facets of children’s natural enthusiasm for learning. The various areas interact, creating a dynamic atmosphere in the classroom.

York Nursery & Playschool - Our Approach
York Nursery & Playschool - Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

With an emphasis on the principles of Gifted Education each child’s learning is specially curated to help them follow their interests and passions. These aim to hone each child’s problem solving skills and expand their exploration process, as well as tap into Guided Independent Study – a learning approach where children will be able to identify, comprehend and manipulate the connections made amongst the integrated domains.

Our individualised lesson planning and prepared environments are hands on, paced to allow accelerated learning that is collaborative and joyful – everything needed to create the foundations for advanced and active learning.

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