York Nursery & Playschool

Our Curriculum

Our Approach

With an emphasis on the principals of Gifted Education each child’s learning is specially curated to help them follow their interests and passions to develop strong academic and life skills, leadership, self-discipline, responsibility and independence. Our individualised lesson planning and prepared environments are hands on, paced to allow accelerated learning that is collaborative and joyful-everything needed to create the foundations for advanced and active learning.

York Nursery & Playschool - Our Approach
York Nursery & Playschool - Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum and daily schedules include:

  • Geography and Cultural Studies

  • Grace and Courtesy (socio-emotional development)

  • Science and Nature (STEAM learning)

  • Music and Dance

  • Practical Life

  • Language

  • Sensorial

  • Drama

  • Math

  • Art

  • Emphasis on critical and creative thinking

  • Accelerated curriculum

  • Integrated technology 

  • Individualisation

York Nursery & Playschool - Child-centered Philosophy