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York Infant & Childcare Centre

Nursery & Kindergarten

In Nursery, every day is a new adventure waiting to unfold. Be it in the classroom or outdoors by the river, park or playground, the learning never stops for our mini explorers!

Our curriculum is specially curated to gear our Nursery children up for their Kindergarten years. As a result,
we create individuals who are independent, confident, and helpful, on top of equipping children with the necessary pre-writing, numeracy

and reading skills and overall readiness to help boost their academic development.

Kindergarten years are years of transition and transformation.
Our teachers nurture our children to be kind and compassionate individuals, minds filled with desire for continuous learning.

Through play-based, inquiry-based learning, and scaffolding, our young learners have the foundations for future learning in their hands and the self-confidence to reach for the stars! Our rich curriculum will help them to thrive in their upcoming elementary or primary school years with our ‘GRIT” program with the Growth Mindset (Dr Dweck) as a guide.

During their time with us, children will learn foundational and advanced reading and writing skills, counting, addition through number bonds, multiple art techniques, and many more – all through an enriching and fun experience!

York Nursery & Playschool - Explorer Kid Sr 3
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